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How To Stop Procrastinating​

Hey everyone! So, today I’m pondering on how I’ve become quite a procrastinator during the summer. And believe me, it’s not fun feeling so sluggish. So, I’ve decided that I need a change some things in order to accomplish my goals and get my to-do list crossed out. Anyway, without further ado, here are a few tips that will probably help us become more productive.

#1 Wake Up Early

Let’s face it, when we wake up late we don’t get anything done. And I know because that is exactly what I have been doing for the past few weeks. Waking up early is the one habit that I’ve had a bad time starting. But in order to start accomplishing and stop procrastinating, I think we have to take this step. If you’d like some tips on waking up early, I have an entire post on that subject right here. (I think I have to re-read it myself.) Let’s encourage one another and start our mornings on the right foot.

#2 Prioritise Your Tasks

My second tip for you is to prioritise your tasks. First, write out a to do list. Next, highlight the three most important things that you need to do today. If you have a task that can wait until next week then leave it out. But make sure you accomplish the most pressing goals. Doing this will help you get the most important stuff done without going bonkers.

#3 Do the Most Difficult Tasks First

I’ll confess something, I do not like to do exercise. Unfortunately, it is necessary for good health and high school credit. I’ve discovered that if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning, I don’t do it at all. Doing the thing you dislike the most first thing in the morning will help you get it out of the way. Same goes for difficult tasks. If you do them first thing, you can have a relaxed evening cuddled with a book. My one addiction. Which, by the way, I just made a post about. So if you want to know about the books I’m loving right now, you can click here.

#4 Get Rid of Any Distractions

The other week I got so tired of how often I kept checking my phone and getting distracted, that I finally said enough! Setting limits to your apps, erasing your social media for a few weeks, or even keeping your phone in a completely different room will help you to accomplish more and get rid of distractions. If you need to unplug from the hectic world of instant messaging and calls, just do it. Believe me, it helps to get your work done. I also recommend that you do not take breaks every fifteen minutes. Simply schedule when you need a break to stretch around and get some tea (or coffee) and improve your working habits.

#5 Get Some Motivation

Working without any motivation can be pretty discouraging. To get motivated, I have two tips for you. Number one, get a friend to start the productive-challenge with you. Why do it alone when you can get a friend to encourage you? The best part of having a friend do this with you is that you’ll both be getting more productive. So don’t be shy and ask someone to go through this with you. Number two, reward yourself once you accomplish your tasks. If you accomplish your tasks for the day, take the evening off. If you accomplished your tasks for the week, treat yourself to some chocolate ice cream and a movie. Always keep motivated. This will help you look forward to something and actually enjoy doing the tasks at hand. Remember, we’ve got this!

Hope you found this helpful! Now let’s get ourselves off that couch and let’s start being productive!


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