When God Says Wait

Waiting is one of the most difficult things in our world now a days. If the wifi stops working for just 15 seconds we feel betrayed! We eat fast food, search for the instant cure to excess weight, and even want an instant relationship with God. Well, a lot of the time that’s just not going to be it. In our journeys with God we are going to have to wait patiently. And this is made even more difficult by our instant culture.

Waiting sometimes brings discouragement. And discouragement is the number one enemy to God’s purposes. Why? Because discouragement gives way to doubt. If you feel discouraged that God isn’t answering prayer, then you will begin doubting. And when you begin doubting, your faith begins to wane. You doubt God is there, you doubt God is listening, and this will only lead you to make wrong choices. Either your faith in God will be completely squashed, or you will take decisions based on what you think is best since God doesn’t care anymore. You see where disappointment brought you?

Faith will no grow stronger if you give in to doubt. It will disappear. But trusting in God even when you can’t see, hear, or feel Him will stretch your faith. The word stretch means pulling beyond the limits. But our faith won’t break, it will only grow bigger and stronger. If you want God to stretch your faith, then you are going to have to trust Him even if you can’t see Him. That’s the entire point about “faith”.

So when God says wait, it’s because He wants to make you grow, not because He has forsaken you. God never forgets about His creation, we are the ones that forget Him. Just remember this, when life seems confusing, don’t jump with what you feel is right, wait for God to say the word. And wait for God to confirm it. How will He do this? First of all, what He says will go with the Bible. Second, He will confirm it in your heart (not you emotions), and thirdly, He will also use others (such as a pastor, a teacher, a leader, prophets…) to confirm this word. The key in waiting for God to speak is just that, waiting. You can’t sit five minutes one day and expect God to answer. You have to seek the Lord daily. When you do this, your heart will be ready to receive whatever God wants to share with you at the moment He wants to talk to you. Why? Because you will be there when He speaks and your heart will be ready to listen.

So when God is absent, wait. When you can’t feel Him, wait and seek Him. When your heart is ready, He will speak. He is still God, and he is still able. Don’t let circumstances take you far away from who He is. When God says wait, wait and listen. No matter how long it takes, He still cares and He still loves you.

Psalms 40:1

Anna 🙂

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