The Mind-blowing Truth About God’s Love

Do you ever wish you could have a friend that actually knows everything about you and still loves you? I know, you probably think this is not possible. But it really is.

A few weeks ago I was reading the devotional Known by Tauren Wells, and to be honest it was mind-blowing for me. It showed me something so amazing that I could hardly believe I hadn’t seen it before. He starts off with this sentence, “If you really knew me, you would know that…”

Take some time to fill in that blank. I took a while to think it through, and finally I knew what I would say if I said that sentence to someone. Well, guess what, God already knows that about you. He knows that and He still loves you.

This truth is so amazing to me. When I began reading this devotional I realised that I never really gave God credit for knowing me inside and out and still loving me all the same. In this world it usually is one or the other. Either someone knows you completely, or they love you, but rarely both. We as humans tend to judge others, and in turn we tend to be afraid of how others judge us. I am amazed that God still loves me even though He knows everything that goes on behind the scenes. He knows we fail, He know when we fail, He knows we will fail again and again, but that doesn’t stop Him from loving us. Like Tauren Wells says in his song, “I am fully known and loved by You.”

God loves us, and He knows us. We don’t have to worry about what others know or think they know about us, because God already fully knows, and He fully loves us. We don’t have to hide from God.

Today I just want to leave you with this thought: God knows you inside and out. He knows every secret and every mistake. He knows you. And He loves you. He won’t ever stop loving you. Take some time to let God’s love sink in and take some time to get to know God better. He knows you, and He want you to know Him.


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