Is Christianity a Religion?

What does it mean to be a Christian? You know, sometimes we are so busy trying to measure up to a “religion” that we forget what the word Christian really means.

Let’s begin by defining a Christian. According to the Bible, Christians were followers of Christ and they were first called so in Antioch. (Acts 11:6) Sounds simple, right? But get a look at this, being a Christian back then was actually being mocked. They mocked people for their belief in Jesus. It is believed the word Christian was used in contempt even though there is no certain way of proving it.

According to our world now a days, being a Christian is being a follower of Christ. Pretty much like in the Bible times. But, if we see it in the light of the culture today, when you say you are a Christian, people immediately assume you go to church every Sunday and they expect you to act like the perfect person making no mistakes. 

So, according to us Christians, what does it mean to be that? For us being Christians generally means that we have been saved from our sins and have decided to follow Christ. It means we have turned our back on our old way of life, leaving sin behind, and living a life for Jesus. Now, this brings me to our next point today. Is Christianity a religion? Should it be a religion?

You know, I think that Christianity shouldn’t be a religion. (Loud gasp) Christianity isn’t about religion, it’s about relationship. What am I saying here? Look at it this way, ever since the beginning of the world God has wanted to have a personal relationship with us, He has wanted to be with us. Unfortunately sin entered the world and we were separated from Him. But, thankfully Jesus died on the cross, rose form the grave, and opened up a way again for us to know God personally. Knowing Him on a one-on-one relationship. So Christianity really should not be about being the perfect person who has her life together and never makes mistakes. No. Christianity should be a relationship between you and God. It should be a relationship where you are comfortable failing, and saying everything to God as if He where your best friend, because that is who He wants to be. Christianity should be being able to be yourself around God, and letting Him point out your mistakes, just like a best friend should do.

So no, Christianity shouldn’t be viewed as religion, rather a relationship. Unfortunately the way we live today tends to give the opposite impression than that of being followers of Christ. We talk about living a life for God, when in secret and outside of church we do what we please. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to give the impression we all have to be perfect. Nope. We will never accomplish that. But we should give a better testimony as followers of Christ. We should work hard on keeping an ongoing relationship with Him and being an example to others by how we live. Don’t just speak what you should do as a Christian, rather live how you should live as a daughter of the King and let your actions speak for you. Let us work together on being living examples of the love of Christ, not critics of how we and others should live.

A lot of times the church gets criticised. And this is happening because many of us as Christians have double lives, giving one testimony in church but another outside. Let’s work hard in upholding the name of Jesus by changing how we live. Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing our best to live the way God want us to live. Yes, we will fail, but it’s better to fail and live a life for God than fail while chasing after the world.


Hello! I'm Anna, an avid consumer of books and tea and a passionate lover of Jesus. I'm passionate about words and storytelling, I love teaching, and I enjoy embroidery and baking. You can find me in the mountains by the trees.