The Secret Recipe to Happiness

It’s here everyone! The thing you’ve been searching for all your life. The one thing you’ve always wanted to know. What you’ve always wanted to have! The recipe for… (drum roll please) happiness! You betcha! Today I’ll share with you the recipe to happiness. BTW, it’s top secret.


  1. A warm and cuddly blanket
  2. Coffee or hot chocolate
  3. Your favourite movie
  4. Your favourite snack
  5. Your best friend


Blend all the ingredients together in your living room. If that’s not an option for you, then do it in your room, but you’ll need a tv or laptop. Make sure you have a cozy and cheerful atmosphere, this will really help. 

Drink your coffee or hot chocolate while you eat your snack and watch your favourite movie. This might require some coordination skills.

Talk to your bestie, maybe even invite her to spend the night. It’s worth it. But be warned, invite only your best friend. If you don’t, the recipe might spoil.

If you tried it out, I’d love knowing if you actually found what you where looking for.

Anna 😉

Hello! I'm Anna, an avid consumer of books and tea and a passionate lover of Jesus. I'm passionate about words and storytelling, I love teaching, and I enjoy embroidery and baking. You can find me in the mountains by the trees.

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