Five Words to Flabbergast Your Friends

Have you ever been talking with a lot of people and wanted to add some spice to the conversation but didn’t know how? Well, we’ve all been there. We are surrounded by smart people and we don’t know what to say. But do not fear! Today I am teaching you five words to make your friends gape at your amazing vocabulary.

Word #1: Non Sequitur

Don’t you just totally dislike that person who is always changing the subject in the middle of an interesting conversation? Well, now you can scold them in a fancy way for doing it, and the word for it is, non sequitur.

Non sequitur, n. An inference that does not follow from the premises. In other words, something that has nothing to do with the conversation.

Example: “We were talking about the movie when she threw in a non sequitur about her sister.”

Word #2: Disheveled

How about that friend whose hair is always a mess? Well, now you can tell her in a different (not so rude, maybe?) way.

Disheveled, adj. Marked by disorder or disarray. In a word, messy.

Example: “Her hair had a disheveled appearance after she went out in the storm.”

Word #3: Dicey

What about that unpredictable friend? Or that risky plan? The word for describing that would be dicey.

Dicey: adj. Risky, unpredictable.

Example: “Her plans are always dicey.”

Word #4: Gloaming

Tired of always saying twilight is coming? Well, now you can say, “Gloaming is drawing nigh!”

Gloaming: n. Twilight, dusk.

Example: “She was walking outside when gloaming came.”

Word #5: Weald

She was walking down the forest. Wait, forest? Nope, that’s way overrated. Why not, she was walking across the misty weald?

Weald: n. A heavily wooded area: forest.

Example: “We got lost in the weald.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you can totally flummox your friend next time you talk about beleaguering a castle in the middle of a lone weald. (That enough words for you? Ok, I’ll just go fetch some viands…)

Special thanks to my bestie, the Merriam Webster Dictionary! Have a great one.

Anna 😉

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