With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden – Book Review

Recently I found Elizabeth Camden casually sitting on my Kindle e-book recommendations. I read a couple of reviews, and I decided to give her a shot. She did not disappoint! So I decided to give her book, With Every Breath, an honest and well deserved review.

Rating:  4 Stars

Category: Romance (Clean)

Audience: 14+

Kate Livingston is a widow working as a government statistician when her old school fellow and rival, Trevor McDonough, offers her a job in a hospital were he is researching one of the most dreaded diseases of the late nineteenth century, tuberculosis.

As they work together, Kate struggles to learn how to trust again while Trevor does all that is possible to hide his past and move on into a future filled with danger and uncertainty. Together they work to discover a cure as they struggle to put aside their personal differences in order to become an efficient team.

The reason why I gave this book 4 stars was because of all the arguing. Don’t get me wrong, Kate and Trevor had arguments that amused me. But personally I think they took too long to put the uncertainty behind and make up. Besides how long it took them to make up, I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this book. (Even their arguments!)

Hope you found this helpful!


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