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Five Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Don’t you just hate that person that always sneezes so loudly on the plane? Remember that person who took their shoes of next to you? Traveling can be a very tiresome experience without already having these problems to add to it. Which is why I’m giving you some tips today on five things not to do on a plane to make everybody’s journey more agreeable.

Number 1: Don’t Take Your Shoes Off

If this is something you dislike on others, then don’t be that person. It can be very annoying for those sitting around you. Also, you never know how many germs can be around you. This aircraft has probably carried hundreds of passengers. If you are on a very long flight, then try taking some slippers with you and wearing some socks. But please don’t ever take your socks off. It’s up to all of us to make the journey more enjoyable.

Number 2: Don’t Take the Entire Overhead Compartment Storage Space

Sometimes you are the last person to board the plane and you can’t find anywhere to put your suitcase in. And not because there isn’t enough room, but because no one put their suitcase in the way it was supposed to go. Please be considerate of others and put your suitcase in correctly. Putting your bag, backpack, etc. under the seat in front of you can also be a big help.

Number 3: Don’t Wear Strong Perfume

This can be something you really love to do, (like my grandma and mom) but if you are on a long haul flight with recycled air, then you don’t want to do this. It can give the person sitting next to you a headache. Plus, you’ll have to smell it during the entire flight, and while this may not be a problem for you, it can be for the people sitting around you.

Number 4: Don’t Lean Your Seat Backward

This is another one of those unwritten rules of flying. Specially during short flights. Unless it is truly necessary, do not lean your seat backwards since it can be uncomfortable for the person sitting behind you. You should keep in mind that there already is limited space for everyone. Leaning your seat is a little more acceptable during long flights, but still, don’t do it unless you really need to.

Number 5: Don’t Put Your Legs on Top of the Seat in Front of You

You’re probably thinking, who even does that? But there are all kinds of people in this world. So if you ever want to stretch your legs during the flight, stand up and take a walk down the aisle, but please don’t stretch your legs on top of your neighbours head. If you’re sitting next to the window, don’t put your legs in the small space between the person in from of you and that window.

Those are a few things not to do on a plane in order to make everyones journey more enjoyable. I’ve had to survive through some of these, and it’s not fun. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new!


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