Top Four Trendy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

I love wrapping gifts. I’m not sure why, but it’s super exciting for me. But the typical way may be a little overrated. Which is why today I am going to be sharing with you some cool, unique, and trendy ideas for gift wrapping this year.

#1 Brown Craft Paper

There is something about this paper that makes it trendy. And it simply goes with any color. You can wrap your gift in this paper and simply enhance it with ribbon, cloth, or pinecones. I love this idea because you can do anything with it. Decorate it according to your taste or theme. It looks great with black ribbon, cranberry beads, pinecones, and white name tags. To make it look like a vintage mail package you can add some nice string to it and it will look fabulous.

#2 Black Paper

This is another idea that can go with anything. But, to really make it pop out you can use green or red ribbon with some green branches or cranberry decor. Also, if you write with a white pen on top you can get a really modern look. Plus, pinecones and cranberry beads are really trendy right now.

#3 Classic Red

You can’t go wrong with red. It looks so Christmasy. Wrap your gift in red paper, some candy cane ribbon, and you have an amazing looking gift! The good part is that red always looks good under the tree, and it gives your gift a classy look. Add a cute gift tag and you’ll have an awesome gift.

#4 Gold

It’s everywhere. You have to admit it, gold is just the perfect color for your fashionable friend. It gives a bright, fresh look to your gift and it puts a smile on the Fashionista’s face. Go out of the norm this year and put a shine on your gifts.

These are my favourite ideas this year! Let me know down below what you like best.


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