Five Steps to Having a Less Stressful Christmas

Hey peeps! How’s it going for you today? I’ve been having a hectic week. Well, maybe not that hectic but really busy. It seems sometimes the Christmas season is the busiest one. I’ve been running around getting everything ready for Christmas parties, church celebration, singing practice for Christmas, dance practice. Let’s just pray we get through the week in one piece. But, the bright side is that Christmas is almost here! Even though it’s a bit crazy we get to gather with our family and have a blast, right? But I do have a few tips for you to get through the holidays in one piece and enjoy every moment. Since we really want to enjoy the season while getting all our work done, here are a few life saving tips.

Use a Weekly Planner

Don’t tell me you have a phone. We all do. But writing things down on a planner (or notebook) actually helps me remember what I have to do. And it is a fun way to sit down and relax while you plan out your week. It’s a waste of time to run all over when one direct route will take you everywhere you need to go. So use your time wisely and plan your week well. This will make for a less stressful holiday week. No point going around in circles!

Buy and Prepare Stuff Beforehand

Wether you have a party coming up or an important family member coming to visit, it’s never fun when you don’t have an essential. (Like when you run out of flour? Yep.) So make a shopping list of everything you need and buy it before the actual date. You don’t want to have to run in the middle of cooking a meal.

If you can prepare something the day before you need to have it ready, then do it. It will save precious time on the busy date.

Don’t Shop Unless You Know What You are Getting

I know, we all love shopping. It’s probably in our blood. But, if you want to save time this year promise me you won’t shop unless you know what you are buying. Several times I’ve been Christmas shopping for hours because I had no idea what to get for everybody. Log in to your Pinterest account and start looking for some cool ideas. You may find you can even do some of them by yourself and you can save a bit of money!

Set a Deadline for Your Work

If you still have work that needs to be done before the holidays, then set a deadline! This will help you set daily goals that won’t overload you the night before Christmas. Give yourself a break from work during the special days and give your mind a stress free holiday. If you work on your tasks a little every day you’ll be done before you know it and you won’t do more than you can handle in one night.

Enjoy It

The holidays are all about enjoying them, right? So don’t fret yourself. A lot of times we are the ones that make the stress, but in reality it isn’t there. So don’t make something you don’t want. If you have work to do, do it joyfully. If you still haven’t done any Christmas shopping, don’t worry. Enjoy the season. It only comes once a year! Be cheerful and cheer others up. 😉

These are a few tips on how to have a less stressful Christmas. It really is helpful to get organised! See you on the next post.


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