Five Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

So, you want to give your friend, or Mom, or maybe sister, a nice gift but you don’t know what. Well, here are some nice, creative ideas that you can put under that Christmas tree in no time! They are really cute and happiness is guaranteed.

1. Calligraphy Set

If your friend is into stationery, then this is a must get is a must get for her! I love calligraphy sets and I recently found this one in Michaels. Even though it is 13.99 it is worth the price. It comes in a handy box and includes three nibs, even some ink! Perfect gift for stationary fans.

2. Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are all the rage. You can get a lot of different styles and colours off of amazon, but personally I really love this one. It comes in a beautiful colour and it is only 5 dollars, a great price compared to many of the ones you’ll find on amazon.

3. Throw Blanket

What girl doesn’t like blankets? If I got a blanket on every Christmas, I would be happy! (Well, maybe not every Christmas, but you get the idea.) I love throw blankets, and I found this really cute fluffy one on amazon for 19.99. While not the cheapest one, it is a good price for a good sized blanket!

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is the best. It is a cheap, delicious, and nice gift to give somebody. You can get chocolate practically in any store. But, they do have this nice bag of dark chocolate in Target, and it is only 3.59. Add a cute mug to it and you’re all set!

5. A Cute Mug

What are you giving your bookworm friend for Christmas? I have the perfect solution for you! This is the perfect mug for that friend (AKA maybe me?) While it does cost 17.96, it is worth it and your friend will love it! Especially if she loves tea or coffee.

Those are five gift ideas that I think any girl would like. If you want to get something under that tree, then definitely check those links out.

Stay tuned for some DIY gift ideas soon! Let me know what you thought of these. 😉


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