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How to Have a Fun Sleepover

Have you ever had a sleepover with friends, and then all of a sudden you don’t know what to do? It can be very frustrating to invite your friends over and then being board. And a lot of times boredom leads to grouchiness and a not-so-happy sleepover. So to prevent that, I’ll give you tips on how to have an amazing and fun sleepover with friends!

Have a Plan Ready

I know I’m always saying this, but having a plan in mind, or written out, can be a lifesaver! So make a general outline of what you would like to do on your sleepover and this will make everything easier. Trust me on this one. Below I will give you a list of a few things you should have planned and written out.

  1. Theme (spa night, movie night, etc.)
  2. Games you’ll play (board games or video games)
  3. Food and snacks you’ll have
  4. Movies you’ll watch

Know Who’s Coming

It can be maddening if you don’t know how many people you’ll have in your sleepover. Especially if you plan on giving your friends a little gift. So make sure you know who’s coming. This will help you plan on how much food you need, and how much space will be necessary.

Buy Your Supplies Early

Be sure to buy everything you need the day before the sleepover. You don’t want to rush to the store at the last minute. So buy your snacks, decor, and everything else you need before the actual sleepover. If you’re having a special theme for your sleepover, make sure you have all you need.

Prepare Your Area

If you are having your sleepover in your room, be sure you clean it first. And by cleaning I mean be sure to hide your diary, and special stuff you don’t want anyone ruining. Friends rock, but sometimes they are a bit snoopy. If you are having the sleepover in your living room, be sure your mom doesn’t have anything special lying about. If there is a pillow fight, you don’t want to be responsible for any damage!

Decide What Movies You’re Going to Watch

There is nothing worse than taking an hour to choose a movie you won’t even like. So be sure to decide on the entertainment beforehand. This will save time and will keep everyone happy.

Have Enough Blankets and Pillows

It is the absolute worst to have a friend who is always stealing the blankets in the middle of the night. So for this problem make sure everyone brings their own personal blanket. It will save a lot of trouble. You don’t want to wake up freezing in the middle of the night.

These are my tips for having fun on your sleepover! I hope y’all enjoy! Let me know if you found them useful.


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