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Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you are enjoying the weather… Well, whatever weather you are having. I still hope you are enjoying it. Anyway, I am starting a Devotional Strategies Series, and I am super excited to share with you my favourite strategies for making devotional time fun.

So, let me begin by admitting that a lot of the time I found having devotionals, Bible reading, and praying quite a boring task. I was really never into it, but lately I’ve realised that spending time with God is really important. The most important part of the day. And it doesn’t have to be boring. If you have the right strategy, you will be able to spend some awesome devotional times with Jesus without turning it into a chore. Rather, turn it into a heart to heart with your Bestie. Hope you enjoy! 😉

Devotional Strategy #1: Talk It With a Pen

A lot of times, when we hear that we need to spend time praying, well, we don’t do it. Because it sounds terribly tiresome having to pray for 30 minutes straight. To be honest, I would fall asleep or get sidetracked. So, my advice for you is to talk it with a pen. What I’m saying here is this, you need to have a conversation with God, not a monotonous prayer. To pray actually means to talk with Jesus. So you can skip all the ‘thous’ and ‘thees.’ No need to elaborate, just be you. For me it’s difficult to sit down and pray with my eyes closed for more than five minutes, because I tend to stray and start thinking about other things. And I usually run out of things to pray about. So instead, I express myself in the way I best know how, writing.

I talk to God as if I where writing to Him. A lot of the time it helps to begin as a letter, and just let the words pour out. If you have a fear, tell Jesus in your letter. If you are in doubt, ask Him to help you. Write it all out. This will help you to keep from straying from the real object of your focus, God. When I write, I can express myself more fully and I can keep my mind focused on what I’m doing. Remember, the key here is to be yourself and to open up. Open up about everything in this letter, don’t hold anything back. You’re talking to Jesus, and He loves and accepts you no matter what you do. He is right there listening to every word you write.

Turn prayer into a conversation. If you want to have a better devotional time with Jesus where you are giving Him your undivided attention, “Talk it with a pen.” You can get a cool bullet journal, your favourite pens, just be creative!

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Anna 🙂

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