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Things to Know Before a Safari

I don’t know about you, but going on a safari can be scary. It is a wonderful experience, but you need to have an idea on what to take with you if you’re going to enjoy this to the full. It’s tough, especially when you have no idea what to expect. So today I’m going to share with you a few things to know before you go on a Safari.

  1. You’ll need comfortable shoes

Do NOT forget about this. You are going to walk and get dirty. It depends a lot on what activities you’ll be doing, but you do not want to ignore this. Your shoes will get muddy, wet, dusty, and basically all the things you don’t want to happen to your brand new shoes. Trust me on this one.

2. You’ll have to keep the weather in mind

If you travel during the dry season of your destination, be sure you pack adequately. It will probably be hot and dusty. If you travel during the rainy season, I’m not joking when I say you should take an umbrella and raincoat with you. It will help keep you dry and snug.

3. You’ll need more clothes than you think

So, if you only packed a shirt for the day, you’ll want to rethink that. You’ll get dusty, sweaty, dirty, muddy, and maybe even wet. So pack a few extras when you go on this kind of trip.

4. You’ll have to always be ready

By this I mean that you’ll want to use the bathroom before you step out the door. Do this as much as you can, because you’ll be on long car rides across the wilderness where you won’t find another decent bathroom.

5. You’ll need water

So, this is probably one thing everyone knows, but just in case, remember your water bottle. It will be warm and dry and you’ll need to keep hydrated.

6. You’ll want a good view

Be sure to take some binoculars with you. If you spot something in the distance, you’ll want to be able to see it.

7. Don’t forget the essentials

Always be sure you have your batteries charged, your mosquito repellant on, and your sunscreen nearby. You want to enjoy this!

I hope y’all found this helpful, and that you learned from my mistakes! Sorry for the delay in posting, I didn’t have a good internet connection on my safari.


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